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Green Border Nature Trail


Green Border Nature Trail (Aggtelek – Domica)

Trail Blaze: Orange
Distance: 7 km (4.4 miles)
Duration: approximately 4-5 hours

The Green Border Nature Trail was established within the framework of the “Year of the Countryside” Programme, creating the first cross-border hiking trail in the region. The route actually connects the entrance of the Baradla Cave in Aggtelek, Hungary to the entrance of the Domica Cave in Slovakia. The path and the curriculum are based on the criteria and recommendations of the European Natura Trail system. Direct experience, fun puzzles on specific features of natural areas, flora and fauna, the people and the interactions between nature and the role and effects of humans in it, are presented at various stations along the way

Free download of nature trail guide in several languages:

Zöld határ HU, SK, EN (PDF) >>>

Zöld határ HU (MS Word) >>>

Zöld határ SK (MS Word) >>>

Zöld határ EN (MS Word) >>>

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