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Rákóczi Cave


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The Cave Tour

Distance: 700 m
Duration: approx. 45 minutes

The cave is accessible via an iron ore research station. The tour route takes you back and forth approximately 400 m an lasts about 45 minutes. Perhaps the region’s most spectacular cave in the Aggtelek karst, the Rákóczi Cave features a stunningly diverse and colourful number of formations. Remarkable pea-stones and dripstone runoff completely cover the walls. Snow white straw formations and calcite carnations offset the the reds, browns and yellows of the cave. The subterranean crystal clear lakes top off a memorable experience.

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About the Cave...

The Tour Route

 Tour Times

Can we visit the cave today?

01st April - 30th September

Rákóczi Cave Tour is leaving every hour on the hour from 09:00. The last tour departs at 16:00.

01st January - 31th March and 01st October - 31th December
Rákóczi Cave Tour is leaving every hour on the hour from 08:00. The last tour departs at 15:00. 


 Prices and Discounts

Discount tickets*
Chaperone Ticket**
Family ticket***
Class Trip Group Ticket****
Combination ticket*****
3000 HUF
1500 HUF
200 HUF
2000 HUF
900 HUF
2400 HUF
 * Conditions for discounted tickets: 
  • 8 - 14 year-old children,
  • Hungarian and foreign students with valid student ID card, and,
  • retired person

* * Conditions for nursery school and chaperone tickets:

  • Adults accompanying disabled visitors (1 person per disabled guest)
  • Adult or student groups of more than 20, one discounted ticket.
  • Bus driver for groups of more than 20, maximum 1 discounted ticket,
  • Translator for a non-Hungarian speaking tour group.

* * * Families qualify for a Family Discount Ticket if the group is comprised of two adults and at least one child. Families with three or more children qualify for the even cheaper Class Trip Group Ticket**** (900 HUF).

* * * * Class Trip tickets may be redeemed any time during the year by Hungarian primary and middle schools and their chaperones.

* * * * * Combination ticket discount! Guests visiting more than one cave or more than one cave section on the same day, or on two consecutive days, qualify for a special discount. In order to redeem this discount, it is necessary to bring your ticket from the first cave or cave section you visited to the show at the ticket office when you purchase your second tour. Appropriate cave tours include: Baradla Aggtelek Cave Tour, Baradla Intermediate Tour from Red Lake, Baradla Short Tour from Jósvafő, Imre Vass Cave Tour and the Rákóczi Cave Tour.
Only standard Adult and Discount tickets qualify for this special. Preschool, Chaperone, Family and Class Trip Group tickets are ineligible.

  Directions to the Rákóczi Cave entrance

GPS Coordinates: N48o31,2171'      E020o44,7609'

Rákóczi Cave entrance Click the map to enlarge

Turn left just before the city limit sign for Bódvarákó, then go straight along the gravel road to the former mine building (1 km).

Important Information

Tickets available at the Bódvarákó Ticket Office.

The tour is conducted along well-lit paths. Pay attention to how you step! The steepness of the iron stairways require your careful attention! Clothing may also become muddy as a result of the ascents and descents on the stairs.

The average temperature in the cave is +10°C/50°F, therefore appropriately warm clothing and footwear is recommended!

In order to protect the cave, the maximum number of participants is 10 people! If the number is exceeded, those interested can see the cave in several groups, scattered over multiple starting times.

Due to the limited capacity of the cave, it is advisable to inquire ahead of time about available tour times at either the Jósvafő or Esztramos ticket offices!

Furthermore, due to the steepness of the stairs, guests must be at least 10 years of age!


Rákóczi Cave, Esztramos Ticket Office: (+36) 48-350-011

Baradla Cave, Jósvafő Ticket Office: (+36) 48-506-009

Tourinform Office, Aggtelek: (+36) 48-503- 000


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