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Fragile Beauties Tour


Fragile Beauties Tour

Date: June 14, 2013

Departure Time: 09:00

Departure Point: village of Jósvafő, by the ice cream stand

Perhaps the most beautiful of the old vineyards in Aggtelek National Park is located on the slopes of Almás-tető (Apple Hill) in the Teresztenye area. A unique biodiversity has developed at the foot of the mowed orchards.This natural gem in the karst region has become home toa variety of orchids and rare species of diurnal butterflies, as well as many species of songbird. Sit on the soft lawn, gaze at the butterflies gathering nectar, listen to the buzz of bees, and enjoy the relaxing vista of the June Meadow as far as the eye can see.

Duration: approximately 3 hours
Level of difficulty: easy, about 4 km (0.6 miles)
Difference in altitude: 200 m

More Info:
Tel: +36-48-503-000
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