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Nature Camp


Nature Camp

You can still apply for the Nature Camp in July!
Date: July 8-12, 2013
Location: Salamander House,Szögliget

- hiking;
- nature and environment professionals;
- sports competitions;
- medieval games;
- handicraft professionals;
- excursions by bus; and
- team building exercises, etc.
Participation Fee: 21000 Ft (includes accommodation, minimum 3 meals a day, and all programme costs.
Eligible applicants (grades 2-8), please register by June 21, 2013. 
Ms. Enikő Piller
Aggtelek National Park Directorate,
Manor House Environmental Education Centre
Tel: 30/67-67-564, 48/350-056
E-mail: anp.oktatas@index.hu
Web: www.kuriaoktatokozpont.hu
The Nature Camp poster can be downloaded here (in Hungarian)
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