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Nature Trails

Please see the below links for further information about above-ground walking tours in Aggtelek National Park.
Self-Guided Nature Trails:
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Tour of the Romantic Telekes Valley Túra

Appreciate with us the first harbingers of spring. In some places one can see carpets of snow drops and scilla or squills during a guided hike through the romantic Telekes Valley, The route follows the narrow valley carved by the Telekes Stream, ending at Devil’s Dam.


Winter Tour on Esztramos Hill and the Aladár Földvári Cave Túra

The tour departs from Bódvarákó and follows a former mining road to the mine head 305 meters above sea level. From there, a beautiful panorama opens over the Bódva Valley, including the villages of Tornaszentandrás and Bódvaszilas. The surface tour then heads underground into the spectacular Aladár Földvári Cave which is normally closed to tourism. Check out the “cave popcorn” and “moon milk” karst formations! Hot mulled wine will await guests at the end of the tour.


Geotúra Rudabányán - beszámoló Túra

Az Aggteleki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság Aggteleki Tájegységében szervezett geotúrája zajlott 2017. október 14-én, 10 órai kezdettel Rudabányán az Országos Geotóp Napok keretében.