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The Largest Book in the World

The Largest Book in the World

The Largest Book in the World can be viewed inside the beautifully renovated watermill complex in the town of Szinpetri, which also falls within the territory of Aggtelek National Park. Not only is the book worth a visit, but the water mill housing it is unique for being the only paper mill in Hungary where visitors can make their own paper. After years of creative labour, the book entered the Guinness Book of World Records on March 21, 2010. The book measures 4.18 (almost 14 feet) x 3.77 metres (almost 12.5 feet), contains 346 pages, and weighs 1420 kg (3124 lbs).
Also see the Gutenberg Museum housed in the same building that features a large collection of illustrated Bibles, printing presses and apparatus, and paper making lore.
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