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Rutting Deer Tour, September 15 and 22


The magical autumn evenings when the deer are in rut are not to be missed. Listen to the bellows of the stags while walking through the Aggtelek karst.

Date and Time: September 15 and 22, 18:00


Meeting Point: Baradla Cave entrance in AGGTELEK (Sept. 15), square in front of Tourinform in JÓSVAFŐ (Sept. 22)

Distance and Duration: 2 km, 2 hours

Tickets: 3000 Huf/person, or 1500 Huf/ student or senior citizen; 5000 Huf/family, 250 Huf/person for organised school groups

Maximum number of people: 30

Places must be reserved by September 14h and 21st respectively. Tours will only depart if a minimum of 5 people or 5 full-price tickets are sold.

More Information and Booking: Tourinform, Aggtelek

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