• H-3758 Jósvafő, Tengerszem oldal 1.
  • +36 48-503-000
  • info.anp[at]t-online[dot]hu

Attractions in Rudabánya

Follow the nature trail highlighting one of the most important fossil sites in the world. Stops include a lookout point above Central Europe’s deepest quarry lake, and the Monkey Island Image Gallery (located beside the quarry lake).

The exhibition is still being finalised, and the facility will open at a later date. However, the Image Gallery building, quarry nature trail, lookout points and jetties are accessible for free!

Rudapithecus hungaricus was a large bodied ape which inhabited Europe during the late Miocene, approximately 10 million years ago. The Rudapithecus Visitor Centre (Rudabánya, Óvoda u. 10) playfully relates the results and significance of the paleontological research conducted at the site. Children can play on faithfully reproduced sculptures of era animals in the park. In addition, those interested can visit an exhibition on Rudapithecus, as well as a memorial to Gábor Hernyák, the discoverer of Rudapithecus’ skull on September 13, 1985.

Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00, weekends by advanced booking only

Tickets: kindergarten-student-senior citizen: 300 HUF, adult: 600 HUF, family ticket: 1200 HUF

The local museum is housed in a building reminiscent of a XIX. Century former miner’s house (Rudabánya, Gvadányi J. u. 1.). The neo-classical building displays artefacts from life when the mines operated.

Open: Tue-Wed-Sat 8:00-16:00. Please call in advance.

Tickets: Free entry

Operator: Ruda-Park Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft.

Tel: 06-30-942-7327

Email: rudaparkkft@gmail.com


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