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Promotions and Discounts


New Discount Package between Aggtelek National Park and Castle Island in Edelény (Coburg-L’Huillier Palace). With the presentation of a used entry ticket for the stunningly newly renovated Castle Island, you are eligible for 20% off any of Aggtelek’s Daily Cave Tours (Baradla Cave Jósvafő Short Tour, Baradla Cave Aggtelek Short Tour, Baradla Cave Red Lake Intermediate Tour, Rákóczi Cave, Imre Vass Cave). Or, present a used ticket stub from one of our daily cave tours and get 20% off entry to the palace.

Get 20% off an adult ticket for the Red Lake Intermediate Baradla Cave Tour at Aggtelek National Park with the Miskolc Pass!


Bearers of the following membership discount cards are eligible for a 10% discount specified cave tours. Please contact us or your organisation for details.

Showing a used Aggtelek National Park ticket stub at the Nyíregyháza Zoo, or vice-versa, grants you a 10% discount at the respective locations.

Guests that participate in at least two different tours of the Baradla Cave within two days are eligible for the following discounts: Aggtelek Short Tour + Jósvafő Short Tour: 3600 HUF/1800 HUF* (regularly 4200 HUF) Aggtelek Short Tour + Red Lake Intermediate Tour: 4000 HUF/2000 HUF* (regularly 4700 HUF) Red Lake Intermediate Tour + Jósvafő Short Tour: 3800 HUF/1900 HUF* (regularly 4500 HUF)
Guests visiting both the Rákóczi and Imre Vass Caves within two days qualify for the following discount: Rákóczi Cave Tour + Imre Vass Cave Tour: 4700 HUF/2350 HUF* (regularly 5500 HUF)

50% off a Combination Cave Tour Ticket: Aggtelek Short Baradla Cave Tour or Red Lake Intermediate Baradla Cave Tour combined with either the Imre Vass Cave Tour or the Rákóczi Cave Tour when you spend your first night at the Tengerszem Hotel.

50% off a Combined Aggtelek and Red Lake Baradla Cave Tour Ticket when you spend your first night in comfort at the Kövirózsa (Stone Rose) Apartment House. Spend three nights at the Salamander House and get 50% off the purchase of a Combination Baradla Cave Tour Ticket or a Rákóczi Cave Tour Ticket

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Protected Fauna article

Aggtelek National Park is the number one spot for large carnivores in Hungary. The proximity of the Carpathians, and ecological corridors allowing for unhindered passage into the country has meant the return of a number of otherwise thought to be extinct species.

Bike Rental article

There are several marked and designated bike trails in and around Aggtelek National Park. Bike rentals are available from the Park at the Salamander House in Szögliget.


Csulyák István article

(1942.08.16 - 2020.03.16.)

Néhány napja hagyott itt minket végleg Csulyák István, az ANP első gazdasági igazgatója, aki 1985-1996 látta el ezt a feladatot.
A mai kollégák közül keveseknek még emlék, a többeknek pedig az ANP történelmének része.
Mi az ANP első igazgatójának, Buzetzky Győzőnek szavaival köszönünk el tőle.