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Horse Riding for Children: Class Trips

Horse Riding for Children: Class Trips

School groups can choose from a range of unforgettable programmes rich in new experiences.

Carriage ride in Jósvafő and riding opportunities
Children can learn to ride using our hucul horses. Absolute beginners can discover riding in safety on the lunge (lead). More experienced riders may ride independently around the sandy paddock. Groups can also admire the historic village of Jósvafő from a horse-drawn carriage.
4000 Ft/30 minutes
6000 Ft/hour

Visit the hucul herd in the Gergés-lápa Pasture by horse-drawn carriage
As well as horse-riding practice, groups can take a trip out to the hucul herd via horse-drawn carriage. The horses can be found freely grazing just outside Jósvafő, about 1.5km north of the village on the Gergés-lápa Pasture. The carriages set out from the Manor House Riding Centre stables and follow the route up a streambed through the rocky, forested Tohonya gorge to the stunning Horsehead Valley.
Duration: minimum 1 hour
2500 HUF/adult
1250 HUF/children under 14
Visit the hucul herd in the Gergés-lápa Pasture by horse-drawn carriage, and Imre Vass Cave tour
The Imre Vass Cave may be visited by a maximum of 10 people at a time. Therefore, bigger groups are split up so that children can participate in turns in the three parts of the programme: cave tour, herd visit and horse riding.
Duration: 2 hours
5000 HUF/adults
2500 HUF/children under 14
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The hucul horse stud farm of Jósvafő Hucul

Genetically, huculs are the breed closest to those horses used by the tribes (Avars, Székelys, etc.) which inhabited the Carpathian Basin before the Hungarian Conquest in the 9th century.