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Aggtelek National Park Official Products




Winners of Aggtelek National Park Official Product Certification in 2016 (valid for 5 years)!

Three years ago Aggtelek National Park announced its first four officially certified Park products, along with the other 9 Hungarian national parks. The primary purpose of awarding “official product” trademarks to local producers and businesses within the national parks system is to improve the image of these products and facilities while raising environmental awareness; as well as strengthening regional nature conservation, rural development and economic co-operation. Moreover, the system aims to expand business opportunities and increase market access. Purchase of products bearing the official “Aggtelek National Park Product” label contributes supports the local culture, local producers, sustainable agriculture and the local economy.

A full list of these products can be found at http://nemzetiparkitermek.hu/mainpage.html. Our winners in 2013 included The Koltay’s jams and mushroom products in Aggtelek, the Fruktarium’s brandies and guest house in Trizs and Béla Berecz’s Kisház guest house in Jósvafő. While other national parks have regularly announced new rounds of applications since then, this is just our second round. What also sets this round apart is that the eligible area has been expanded to small producers and facilities in the Zemplén Nature Reserve and Tokaj-Bodrogzug Nature Reserve as well, since they come under Aggtelek National Park jurisdiction. At our colleague Kata Kapusi’s suggestion, after the judges had concluded their official deliberations we also held a competition for a People’s Choice Award. This year we received 13 applications that covered over 60 local products, handicrafts and accommodations. Conditions included ingredients having to be gathered within ANPI and/or Natura 2000 territory, utilisation of local or at least Hungarian materials, being representative of local Gömör-Torna cultural heritage, and being as environmentally-friendly as possible. All applicants also had to be able to give receipts for goods, which is not a difficult process, but still kept quite a few from applying.

This year’s judge’s panel consisted of:
Jury President: Balázs Veress – Director, ANP
Outside Expert: Róbert Kun– advisor to the B-A-Z Regional Chamber of Agriculture)
Outside Expert: Ágnes Érsek Dériné – President of the Lace and Costume Maker Association 
Zsolt Bacsó: Head of Marketing Department, ANP
ANP Certification Programme Coordinator: Dániel Swartz (ANPI)
Support: Gina Béres Szászné


Kisház - Jósvafő


Built in the mid-19th century, this former residence is now a protected monument and guesthouse in the centre of the village of Jósvafő, located beside the Bell Tower.
The renovated house is divided into three areas plus a porch, and is furnished with traditional furniture. There are sleeping places for 4 persons, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen/dining area. For those who love nature and the village atmosphere.

Guests at the Kisház, or other visitors may also take advantage of these ANPI certified ecotourism services offered by Gömör-Tornai Ökoturisztikai és Környezeti Nevelési Bt.:


  • Guided day and evening walking tours of Jósvafő and its surroundings:

     - Local Museum

     - Cultural History Walk

     - Old Town Walk

     - Jósvafő Village Walk

     - Tour of the Wine Cellars on Szőlőhegy

  • Occasional Local Product Tastings at the Nyitott Szín (Open Learning Shed);
  • Man in the Karst local culinary programme at the Nyitott Szin (Open Learning Shed) or Local Museum;
  • Ethnographic and Handicraft Programmes at the Open Learning Shed
  • (still) Live Local Folk Music;
  • Impish Stories (adult program)
  • Integrated Environmental Education Programmes:

     - 1-3-day field trips,
     - 5-6 day forest school programmes and;
     - 5-10 day organised summer camps.

kishaz josvafokishaz josvafokishaz josvafo








More Information:

Berecz Béla, Gömör-Tornai Ökoturisztikai és Környezeti Nevelési Bt. 
3759 Jósvafő, Dózsa György utca 5.
Tel.: +36/30 3311-722
Fax: 48/350-053

Fruktárium Guest House - Trizs

The cottage was renovated and modernised in 2013, but according to the traditional Gömör peasant style using adobe bricks and incorporating small windows, a white façade and arcade veranda as it was at the beginning of the last century.
The peaceful rooms have beamed ceilings and period furniture.

fruktarium guest housefruktarium guest house





More Information:

Ilona Danyi Ácsné, EFFICIENT Gazdasági Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Kft.
3724 Trizs, Petőfi u. 22.
Tel.: +36/48 504-230

Irota Ecolodge  

The Irota EcoLodge premises consist of three spacious, luxurious and well-equipped holiday villas and a shared natural swimming pool (size 6x16m). Although slightly different in detail, the houses basically have the same lay-out and are all adjusted to guests with special needs.

Each house (170 m2) has its own style: The Lower House is the rustic, countryside type, the Middle House has a retro, 1960s feel, while the Upper House has a sleek and modern design. On the outside terrace, you will find all necessary furniture to enjoy the beautiful sunny days. From here, you have easy access to the natural swimming pool and the fishing pond, which are picturesquely located amidst the reeds.

    irota ecolodge

More Information
Jeroen van Drunen, Klunen Magyarország Kft.
3786 Irota, Petőfi Sándor út 42.
Tel: +36/48 349-260


Royal Treats (mushroom products, jams and cordials) - Aggtelek

Locally gathered and processed forest fruit and wild mushroom products since 2008.
Jams include: quince, dogberry, apricot, apple, sloe, green walnut, rosehip, elderflower, mulberry, plum...
Mushroom products include: morels, cep, bolete, chanterelle, fairy ring mushroom, black chanterelle (horn of plenty), and honey fungus among others
Drink syrups include, among others: dogberry, sloe, elderflower, rosehip, wild plum, lemongrass, forest mint, thyme, acacia flower, elderberry, dandelion, grape, quince, quince and ginger…

koltay hazasparkiraly csemege







More Information:
Krisztina Zsoldos Koltay
3759 Aggtelek, Kossuth Lajos utca 49.
Tel.: +36/30-9331-718

FRUKTÁRIUM (jams and fruit brandy) - Trizs

The family business was founded in 2009, collecting fruit from individual members in the village of Trizs, and with permission, from Aggtelek National Park. The palinka is made from plum, quince, dogberry, Szögliget grapes, wild apples, wild pears, elderflower and sloe.

  • dogwood jam    
  • quince jam
  • sloe jam
  • rosehip jam    
  • concord grape jam    
  • quince jam (for adults – incl. brandy)    
  • sloe jam (for adults - incl. brandy)    
  • dogwood jam “for connoisseurs”

fruktarium fruit brandy


More Information:
Ilona Danyi Ácsné 
3724 Trizs, Petőfi u. 13

Tel: +36/30-625-6092, +36/48-504-230

Gonda Family Cheese Workshop - Erdőbénye

The herd of 700 ewes and 50 goats graze on 80 chemical-free hectares within the boundaries of the nature reserve on the outskirts of Erdőbénye. A number of mountain springs and protected flora are found in the wooded pasture. The cheeses are made using traditional methods and formed by hand. Visitors may watch cheese being made on the spot, pet the animals and taste the cheeses.

  • goat and ewe cheeses:
  • red onion goat cheese
  • natural ewe cheese
  • soft ewe cheese
  • smoked ewe cheese
  • natural goat cheese
  • aged natural goat cheese
  • chive goat cheese

gonda cheese workshopgonda cheese workshop





More Information:
Mária Kiss Gondáné
3932 Erdőbénye, Mátyás király út 67
Tel:+36/30-580-1557, +36/47-336-005    

János Ambrus (honey) - Sajólád

János Ambrus has twenty years experience as a beekeeper and honey producer. From the 4-5 tonnes of raw honey annually harvested he makes a wide range of products, out of which two varieties have won ANP certification. In addition, he is an active member of both the Sajómenti and MártaFügedi Craft and Folk Art Associations.

  • mixed honey
  • linden honey

More Information:

Ambrus János
3572 Sajólád, Dozsa Gy. út 55/A
Tel: +36/20-431-5134        

Csicsörke (jams and cordials) - Bodrogkeresztúr

At first, we prepared our jams for ourselves for fun, and then for friends and colleagues. Only later after receiving masses of encouragement did we begin preparing our products for retail. Our Screwdriver Jam gives a nod to fond memories of the house parties of our youth. With our Chili Jam we tried to push the envelope of what customers would accept, but with the heat now somewhat toned down it has become a staple product much sought by our customers.

Together with my little family, we have been hand making our delicious and unusual jams and cordials now for four years. They are not made on a production line or stacked by forklift. We gather the fruit from our own garden and wash, peel, cut, sieve, fill, bottle and label everything by hand as if we were preparing it for ourselves. We would never sell anything we would not eat ourselves. No additives or preservatives are used, and we try to protect the fruits’ original flavours, colours, aromas and vitamins.

Due to the prevalence of diabetics and dieters, our jams contain a mix of xilit and stevia rather than sugar. There is a lot of interest in these products because so many people are concerned about their personal health.

In recent years we have been working with several renowned winemakers to create their "own" jams to accompany their wines. In this way, a few of our products have made their way to Japan, Switzerland, Florida and Finland.

Our jams and cordials can be found in a couple wine shops; wine cellars, hotels and guest houses in the Tokaj Region; some Paleo shops and delicatessens.

We depend upon, and take very seriously feedback and customer satisfaction.

I have a confectioner’s and chef degree, but that does not really matter since a blacksmith, weaver or stableman can also make jam - but only we make Bodrogkeresztúr Csicsörke jam!

  • Blackberry Jam - 300g

Seedless, undiluted and without gelatine. Contains just blackberries and only enough sugar (3-5%) as required to set the jam. Recommended to accompany desserts, red meat roasts and grilled cheese.

  • Chili Jam - 100g  

Contains chili peppers, with some apple to relieve the spiciness. Recommended to accompany soft cheeses and red meat roasts, or just to spice up dishes.

Heat sealed and preservative-free.

  • Raspberry Cordial - 0,75 Litre

Very thick and fibrous, fragrant (non-filtered) cordial syrup. We recommend diluting the syrup 5:1 or 6:1. Heat sealed and preservative-free.

  • Flavonoid 11 - 200 ml

This syrup is completely natural, sugar-free and seedless. Flavonoid 11 contains concentrates from 11 different fruits (blackberry, black and red currant, cherry, raspberry, wild plum, rosehip, red grapes, sea buckthorn, strawberry and elderberry) and strengthens the immune system. It should not be diluted! Recommended daily consumption: 1 teaspoon a day. Only contains fruit, and therefore is also suitable for children. Heat sealed and preservative-free.

  • Negligee Dandelion Cordial – 200 ml

Due to the diuretic effect of the dandelion flowers, this cordial is not suitable for pregnant women. Also contains young nettle leaves and chamomile flowers. Heat sealed and preservative-free.

  • Gönc Apricot Jam - 300g

Contains small pieces of fruit, and 3-5% sugar as required to set the jam.

Preservative and additive-free.

  • Nettle and Chamomile Cordial – 200 ml

Contains young nettle leaves and chamomile flowers. Due to the diuretic effect, this cordial is not suitable for pregnant women. Heat sealed and preservative-free.

csicsorke chili jamcsicsorke favonoid cordialcsicsorke raspberry cordial




More Information:
Kovács Gyula
3916 Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth u. 114
Tel: +36/47-396-515, +36/20-667-2686, +36/30-275-1041

György Vajda (jams, jellies, drinks, compotes) - Kéked

  • sloe compote
  • blue grape (concord) jam
  • peach jelly
  • Beszterce plum jam
  • sour cherry jelly
  • elderberry jelly
  • quince jelly
  • hawthorn jelly
  • strawberry jelly
  • Gönci peach jelly
  • sloe jelly
  • apricot jelly
  • rosehip jelly
  • peach drink
  • rosehip drink
  • elderberry-blackberry drink
  • sloe drink
  • elderberry drink
  • Besztercei plum drink
  • hawthorn drink
  • sour cherry-currant drink
  • elderflower cordial
  • rhubarb drink
  • raspberry drink
  • quince drink
  • quince compote
  • pear compote
  • Beszterce plum compote

In today's world there is a growing need to remember and protect the long-forgotten traditional methods for processing fruit. This is why I decided to prepare these homemade jams, juices and cordials without preservatives. These delicacies are produced using only our own fruit. In this way, we can guarantee that the fruit is chemical-free. Wild fruit is gathered only from places that I know are safe from exposure to pollution and chemicals. The products are prepared by hand according to old recipes. Only the least amount of sugar is added. Therefore, these delicious fruit products are also recommended for small children.





More Information:
Vajda György
3899 Kéked, Kovács út 6.
+36/70 345-5206

Attila Szintai (jams) - Szendrő

  • sloe jam    
  • strawberry jam


Szintai Strawberry Jam 

Our family first produced jam from our home-grown, delicious, sun-ripened strawberries fifteen years ago. Many years of experience and tradition have allowed us to perfect our product. Our jams are made of natural ingredients with no added preservatives. The secret of the jams’ deliciousness is found in the process as the fruit is gently boiled down in a traditional wood-fired cauldron and topped off with a pinch of love.

This year’s strawberry jam (2016) was made using Italian Clery strawberries. The Clery variety was produced by naturally crossing an Elsanta strawberry - the variety favoured by many English growers - and another type, selected in Italy. The Clery is big and sweet, and promises a rich harvest from the beginning of June through mid-July.

A drip irrigation system compensates for lack of rain. Regular care guarantees that the strawberries remain fresh for a long time and provide impeccable ingredients to the table.

Szintai Sloe Jam

We have been preparing sloe jam for four years, and first brought this product to market in 2016. Jam from this fruit may be considered a delicacy or a curiosity, but sloes are found in unlimited numbers throughout the Bódva Valley. Beneficial properties include cleaning the blood and kidneys and assisting cardiovascular disease sufferers. Sloes also contain flavonoids, compounds proven effective in the treatment of cancers.

We recommend our products to everyone who prefers traditional and home-cooked flavours.

szintai strawberry jamszintai sloe jam





More Information:
Attila Szintai
3752 Szendrő, Rákóczi út 96
Tel: 48-560-597, +36/20-350-8889

Vilmos Vécsei (mushrooms) - Martonyi

  • pickled saffron milk cap mushrooms

pickled mushrooms





More Information:
Vilmos Vécsei
3755 Martonyi, Fő út 90
Tel: 30-410-8384


Gömör Folk College Association (lace and embroidery)

  • Gömör knot embroidery: table clothes, blouses, dresses... One of the oldest and almost forgotten historical embroidery techniques of the Gömör Region is knot embroidery which utilises goldwork embroidery patterns. However, the technique does not create the traditional smooth, flat stitches, but rather tiny knots which appear optically to loop through each other or stack next to each other like rows beads. White thread is used on a background of light coloured material. The craft requires very intensive, precise execution. We wish to preserve this very old embroidery technique, and also introduce it to a wider audience. To this end, we work the decorative motifs into modern clothing and organise exhibitions.  
  • Gömör Bobbin Lace: This technique came to Hungary from Germany via miners’ wives that migrated to the highlands in the 15th and 16th centuries. At first, the lace was used on the clothes of wealthy women and to adorn altar clothes, but over time its use became more widespread, for example to decorate household textiles. The lace makers utilise a stuffed pillow lace and bobbins, with the pattern picked out with pins on the pillow. They also made border lace and lace inserts. The majority of the patterns can be found in Most of the items in the highlands sample treasures found in Rozsnyó, but some original pieces are also on display at the Gömör Museum in Putnok.


The Gömör Folk College Association was founded in 1992 with its seat in Putnok. Our objectives include the promotion of the region's traditional folk art and research and nurturing its decorative arts. We strive to promote the traditional handicrafts of the region while simultaneously adapting to current forms. This is our priority task, because following the end of World War I and the resulting Treaty of Trianon, only 21 of the 281 Gömör settlements remained in the territory of present-day Hungary. The present Gömör landscape on the Hungarian side of the border with Slovakia is characterised by the Sajó Valley, the Putnok Hills and the Aggtelek Mountains. Geographically, the territory also includes the northern part of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.

The Gömör Museum regularly makes use of our work and collection. In addition, we regularly organise lectures and courses, and participate in the cultural life of Putnok and the region. Examples of our work may be purchased at various fairs, exhibitions and other events.

The Gömör Folk College Association won Aggtelek National Park Official Product Certification for two of its products in 2016.

More Information:

Mrs. Éva Balázs, president,

3630 Putnok, Serényi L. tér 10
Tel: +36/20-479-2226

Katalin Judit Fodor (hucul horse hair jewelry) - Gömörszőlős

  • hucul horse hair jewellery

I have been crazy about horses since my childhood. Consequently, I became a horse trainer and tour guide. In the meantime, I also perused another hobby - handicrafts. I tried all kinds of hobbies, but felt that I would like to do something different, something special. I combined my two hobbies and began to prepare jewellery made from horsehair. I attempt to satisfy modern fashions, and also create small pieces so that the jewellery is accessible to all. I incorporate only natural materials such as mistletoe, fruit seeds, bones, and of course the horsehair. Strong, long tail hairs from Aggtelek National Park’s hucul stallions and geldings are collected from the herd in Jósvafő. The seeds are gathered from orchards scattered around the Gömör landscape. I am confident these beautiful pieces will help bring people together with ancient traditions and nature's beauty. Wear my unique products with love!

hucul horse hair jewelry





More Information:
Katalin Judit Fodor 
3728 Gömörszőlős, Kassai út 37

Where can the products be found?

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