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Gömör-Tornai Karszt Natura Trail(Szögliget-Körtvélyes)

natura trailGömör-Tornai Karst Natura Trail (Szögliget-Körtvélyes); 8 km, 5 hours






Route: Salamander House - Szádvár - Derenk - Vidomáj-puszta - Határátkelő – Torna Stream


  - Attention! The colours of the blazes for the route vary.



The border between present day Hungary and Slovakia neatly slices the geologic, environmental and cultural attributes of the karst in two.  Follow the red blazed forestry road from the Salamander Hostel to Szád Castle for a gorgeous view. From there to the border at the Torna Bridge, follow the bike trail. When you approach an intersection, follow the branch towards the abandoned ethnic Polish village of Derenk along the National Blue Trail. In Derenk, you will see small signs indicating where the horses once stood. Pick up the bicycle path again, which is marked with green blazes in Hungary but switches to yellow in Slovakia. The entire Natura Trail, with the exception of Szád Castle, can be completed by foot or bicycle.
Free trail guides in various languages can be downloaded here (pdf):
Natura Trail Gömör-Tornai karszt_EN >>>
Natura Trail Gömör-Tornai karszt_DE >>>
Natura Trail Gömör-Tornai karszt_SK >>>
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