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The Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development’s VADONLESŐ Programme has declared the Northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) as the Mammal of the Year 2014. The Northern white-breasted hedgehog is the only indigenous species of hedgehog in Hungary.

The Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development, in cooperation with the Hungarian Tourism Office have declared March the Month of Cave Tourism. The aim of the campaign is to both show off, and ppoularise the spectacular underground treasures and natural wonders in Hungary’s many caves and caverns. Aggtelek National Park’s participation in this programme includes 10% discounts for tickets on all its cave tours, as well as special showings of caving films every Saturday of the month.


The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the inner power of seeds – the role and significance of plants in our lives. Additional programmes such as lectures, biology classes, and arts and crafts events may be organised.

The arrival of spring marks the first appearance of fragile beauties such as the Prairie Crocus/Pasque (Pulsatilla) and Pheasant’s Eye/False Hellabore (Adonis vernalis). This guided tour follows a section of the Baradla Nature Trail, encounters the unique landscape of the Devil&r

If you are an Amnesty International Hungary, Tudatos Vasárló Egyesület (TVE, Association of Conscious Consumers), or International Student of Semmelweis University card holder, then you are eligible for the following discounted tours:


Aggtelek National Park Becomes One of Amnesty International Hungary's First Human Rights-Friendly Destinations

Even in winter, when all seems quiet and asleep, life still teems under the snow, in the bare arms of trees and in the frigid clear skies. A fine perspective and peace of mind may be gleaned while experiencing the infinite power and beauty of nature. Such thoughts percolated in the minds of those families that took part February 1 in Aggtelek National Park’s first Special Winter Tour of the season. This particular tour focused on above-ground springs and World Wetlands Day (Ramsar&a

Besides being a World Heritage site, Aggtelek National Park (Hungary), its Baradla Cave system, and entire the catchment area have been a designated Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (1971).


All Products Made from Raw Materials in the Territory of Aggtelek National Park


The Blue Danube Salon Concert Orchestra led by violinist Sandor Berki , will showcase selections from nearly 100 years of operetta history


A day of geosciences dedicated to the appreciation of our natural treasures and resources.


Tengerszem Hotel** Special Offer! From May 1, 2013-: 23% discount off high-season room prices for adults!

Join us on October 5, 2013 to Celebrate World Animal Day!
A celebratory mass will be held at the Shrine of St. Francis

The fortification served as one of the most important strategic centres of the Hungarian Conquerors, up to the time of the Tartar invasion.


V. Gömör Fruit Festival
Date Saturday, September 14, 2013

Time: 10.00-18.00
Place: AGGTELEK, in the square in front of the Baradla Cave entrance

On August 27, 2013 an international group of riders from Aggtelek National Park’s Hucul Stud Farm and Riding Centre, Slovensky Hucul Klub (Slovakia), Stadnina Koni Huculskich „Gladyszów” Sp. Z o.o. w Regietowie (Poland), and the Cseh Farma Hucul s.r.o. (Czech Republic) set off on a 500km/310 mile cross-border journey on horseback. Along the way, other hucul enthusiasts joined the party for short stretches. The trip had a number of objectives, not the least of which was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Polish Gladyszów Centre on September 14th.


Asklepios-Med requests the pleasure of your company at the upcoming event of the Concert-series of Doctor-musicians.


The Hucul Horse Races at Aggtelek National Park are a new type of modern competition specifically developed to test and gauge the hucul breed of horse. The goal is to put the horses through their paces on a course built on extremely difficult hilly terrain, and thus demonstrate their extraordinary skills and knowledge in navigating and overcoming obstacles.


nature camps at Aggtelek National Park


Hungarian National Parks Week June 10-16, Discounts at Aggtelek National Park, 50% Discount on the Following Tours


Fragile Beauties Tour


Baradla Chamber Choir Festival,
May 10-12, 2013


The annual Josvafo Hucul Horse Riding Days took place in the open-air riding-hall of Jósvafő on 18-19th August 2012, for the fourth time.


November 27 – December 05 – Mikulás (Santa) Tour


Two former Eszterházy estate granary buildings, one in Slovakia and one in Hungary, were renovated at a cost of 2 million Euro (2.6 million USD) by the Hungarian Aggtelek National Park and the Slovakian ALMA-Centre for the Restoration and Protection of Folk Architecture and Traditions