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4-5 person teams of students are welcome to register and help clean up Aggtelek National Park’s nature trails.

Arts and crafts related to autumn animals and the harvest.

Aggtelek National Park is organising this exceptional event in honour of World Animal Day. The Shrine of St. Francis is located on the main road leading between the villages of Aggtelek and Jósvafő.This is Hungary’s only protected shrine to St. Francis, and was consecrated by the Hungarian Catholic Church’s Vicar of Eger.

Grape Harvest Playhouse

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When did the Devil plough around Aggtelek? Why haven’t the waters of Aggtelek Lake been drained by the cave?


Understanding science in interesting and exciting ways. This year, the event focuses on the work of Ottó Herman, a famous Hungarian zoologist, ethnographer and archaeologist.


Traditional Gömör foods and handicrafts at stands set up by various communities all day


Rutting Deer Tour at the Zemplén Nature Reserve


The Hucul Horse Races at Aggtelek National Park are a new type of modern competition specifically developed to test and gauge the hucul breed of horse. The goal is to put the horses through their paces on a course built on extremely difficult hilly terrain, and thus demonstrate their extraordinary skills and knowledge in navigating and overcoming obstacles.


Route: The square in front of the Baradla Cave entrance in Aggtelek to the Devil’s Plough and back.


Aggtelek National Park Awarded Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence