Green Island Children’s Programme; Pentecost Playhouse; horse riding; horse and carriage tours; cave tours.

In celebration of the European Day of Parks, the Bükk and Aggtelek National Park Directorates annually organise a joint cycling tour between the two parks. The

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Iwo is part of this international research study (GLOBE). He was captured and collared in the Polish Tatras by our team a year ago, on April 19th. At that time he weighed 81 kg. He was equipped with a GPS-GSM collar with takes his positions every 2 hours or 30 min, depending on the schedule.

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On May 3, 2015 a brown bear named Iwo, originally from Poland crossed into Aggtelek National Park yesterday via Slovakia and was last seen in the vicinity of Rudabánya.

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The Hoopoe was already named Bird of the Year in 1989 and 1990 by the Hungarian Bird and Nature Conservation Society (MME). The bird is found everywhere from Spain to China, and as far north as the shores of the Baltic Sea. In Hungary, with the exception of dense forests, they are common. Worldwide, there are perhaps 5 million, of which 10000-17000 pairs can be found in Hungary subsisting mainly on worms and insect larvae, but also the occasional small vertebrate such as lizards or small rodents. Their long, hooked beaks are ideal for digging out such food

The horn of plenty is very different looking from other types of mushrooms, but is unmistakable and often appears en masse. Its spicy aroma is said to be similar to the truffle.


Ground squirrels are strictly protected in Hungary, and carry a 250000 Huf fine for killing one. The mammals breed only onc a year. Unlike other mammals that hibernate from the end of summer through the very end of winter, the male squirrels awake early and prepare their territory for their longer sleeping mates.


In the Cserehát, in the vicinity of Ziliz there is an English oak of Methuselahn age – estimated to be almost 1000 years old. A lightning strike ten years ago stripped it of many of its branches, but it still sends out new foliage every spring. It is believed that


The Forras Chamber Choir together with Aggtelek National Park celebrates the music of the ages.


We are saddened to have to announce the passing away of Dr. György Dénes; jurist, historian, geographer, senior scientific advisor, a cave researcher and organiser of the First Secretary of the Hungarian Karst and Speleological Society (1958) and later honorary chairman.


On April 16, 2015 Director of the Slovakian State Conservation Office (Štátna ochrana prírody Slovenskej Republiky - SR SOP) Milan Boroš and Balázs Veress, Director of Aggtelek National Park signed a cooperation agreement between the two organisations.


A private charity event was organised on National Poetry Day by Aggtelek National Park (ANPI) in collaboration with Fruktárium Kft. (Trizs) with the aim to further develop wellness tourism at the national park.The event was held in order to launch start-up funding for a project to further develop health tourism within the Aggtelek National Park and World Heritage Site’s


The two-day programme in Aggtelek National Park is for amateaurs, led by professional guides and photographers. The programme includes guided surface tours, the Baradla and Imre Vass Caves, and a visit to the hucul horse pasture. This tour is jointly organised by ANP, the Ministry of Agriculture and Varázslatos Magyarország.


The route followed the Tohonya Stream along the Tohonya Nature Trail (simultaneously a section of the National Blue Trail). The stream emits from the depths of the Kossuth Cave. Like the other four streams in Jósvafő originating


On January 31 and February 7, under the Winter Tours in Our National Parks Programme, you can take part in almost 20 tours across 10 national parks.


The tour departs from the Manor, first making its way to the Big Tohonya Sring emanating from the Kossuth Cave, and then exploring a section of the Imre Vass Cave


WWF Hungary together with Aggtelek National Park have launched a joint research project aimed at protecting Hungarian wolves. The two key players in domestic wolf conservation signed an agreement to combat the destruction of the wolves’ forest habitats, and calling attention to and stopping the illegal shooting of wolves. World champion boxer Zsolt Erdei stands behind this important conservation programme and has lent his face to the campaign.


2015 Green-Go Short Film Contest Winners Announced


We will hike among the Molyva Hills from Erdőbenye to Aranyospuszta, passing through the Aranyos Valley Nature Protection Area along the way. Many different types of woodpeckers may be spotted among the snow-clad trees as well as Hungary’s only protected owl species, the


December 30: New Years Gala 2014 with the Blue Danube Salon Concert Orchestra led by violinist Sándor Berki


Aggtelek National Park Open Hours During the December Holidays


CEEweb for Biodiversity is organising its 4th Green-Go short film contest.


Északerdő Zrt., the company managing the state forests, has reported a stable wolf presence in the Zemplén Nature Reserve. Recently, staff have repeatedly reported signs of wolves in the inner Zemplén area.


November 14: St. Martin’s Day Playhouse


November 12: Art Competition Awards Ceremony and Exhibition Opening (Ottó Herman Memorial Year Event)


If you join any two of our three most expensive daily cave tours (Vörös-tó Intermediate Baradla Cave Tour, Rákóczi Cave, Imre Vass) and pay using a SZÉP Card, you qualify for a discount on our Aggtelek or Jósvafő Baradla Cave Short Tours.


Lecture by Judit Bay, director of facilities for Edelény “Castle Island.” Following the lecture, Tamás Virág, president of the Edelény Hills Community Association, will present the Edelény-Császta Vineyards and host a wine tasting. A kid’s corner will be available for children during the event.


Presentations, handicrafts and environmental education programmes.


Discover the geologic resources and treasures in and around Telkibánya.


A lecture by Dr. Balázs Harrach and Dr. Mária Benkő, doctors from the Hungarian Academy of Science: “A Real ‘Hungarikum’ – Research on the Oldest Known Family of Viruses (animal adenoviridae).”


Aggtelek National Park is organising this exceptional event in honour of World Animal Day. The Shrine of St. Francis is located on the main road leading between the villages of Aggtelek and Jósvafő.This is Hungary’s only protected shrine to St. Francis, and was consecrated by the Hungarian Catholic Church’s Vicar of Eger.

During autumn migration season, Aggtelek National Park, together with the local chapter of the Hungarian Bird and Nature Conservation Association (MME) are organising a bird watching excursion along a temporarily purpose-built nature trail in Szalonna. Spot and learn about the migrating birds, bird census taking and bird ringing.

4-5 person teams of students are welcome to register and help clean up Aggtelek National Park’s nature trails.


Arts and crafts related to autumn animals and the harvest.


When did the Devil plough around Aggtelek? Why haven’t the waters of Aggtelek Lake been drained by the cave?


Understanding science in interesting and exciting ways. This year, the event focuses on the work of Ottó Herman, a famous Hungarian zoologist, ethnographer and archaeologist.


Traditional Gömör foods and handicrafts at stands set up by various communities all day


Rutting Deer Tour at the Zemplén Nature Reserve


The Hucul Horse Races at Aggtelek National Park are a new type of modern competition specifically developed to test and gauge the hucul breed of horse. The goal is to put the horses through their paces on a course built on extremely difficult hilly terrain, and thus demonstrate their extraordinary skills and knowledge in navigating and overcoming obstacles.


Route: The square in front of the Baradla Cave entrance in Aggtelek to the Devil’s Plough and back.


Aggtelek National Park Awarded Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence