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Krasznahorka Castle

Krasznahorka Castle

photo credit: Viktória Daráouz Kovácsová
The proud, towering medieval castle is one of the most valuable and best-known monuments in Gömör County. The castle's story begins around 1320 when the Bebek Family rebuilt and enlarged the fort raised earlier by the Máriássy Family. The Bebeks also introduced a new defense system. The castle later came into the possession of the Andrássy Family, who transformed the former castle into a residence. The last lord of the castle - Count Dénes Andrássy, converted the castle into a public museum in 1906. The extensive collections and exhibits include the original equipment rooms, castle kitchen, banquet halls, a chapel and a gun collection.
Unfortunately, the castle suffered a catastrophic fire on March 10, 2012. Repairs are underway; however, it is unlikely that the site will be reopened for visitors before 2015.
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(1942.08.16 - 2020.03.16.)

Néhány napja hagyott itt minket végleg Csulyák István, az ANP első gazdasági igazgatója, aki 1985-1996 látta el ezt a feladatot.
A mai kollégák közül keveseknek még emlék, a többeknek pedig az ANP történelmének része.
Mi az ANP első igazgatójának, Buzetzky Győzőnek szavaival köszönünk el tőle.