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Large carnivores are a constant presence in the operational area of Aggtelek National Park.  Since these protected predators have been spotted more and more often during the past few months in the vicinity of grazing livestock, the Aggtelek National Park Directorate in its nature reserve management capacity would like to inform all livestock keepers in the area about ways in which they may protect their herds. Suggested safety measures include:

• During daylight hours: animals should be supervised by a human shepherd and dog. If this is not possible, the herd should be enclosed by a minimum 4-line electric fence;
• If possible, the grazing area should be open and clear of cover and bushy areas; and
• At night, livestock should be moved to a closed coral or barn, not left unattended in the pasture.

If an animal death can be attributed to a wolf or bear, please contact the ANP Directorate at Tel: 48/506-000 or 30/555-1646. According to our most recent information, large carnivores may be expected to appear in the following territories:

Aggtelek-Rudabánya Highlands

Aggtelek Karst, Putnok Hills, Rudabánya Mountains, Szalonna Karst. Sajó Valley, Szendrő countryside, Rakaca Valley basin, Eastern Cserehát, Western Cserehát.

Tokaj-Zemplén Highlands

Central Zemplén, Abaúji-Hegyalja, Hegyalja, Hegyközi Hills

Please be advised:
According to 1996 nature protection act LIII. tv  43 § (1), it is prohibited to disturb, damage, torture or kill protected species of animals;  or damage or destroy their dens, habitats, feeding, breeding, resting or hiding places.

If damage does occur, the 1996 nature protection act LIII. tv 74. § on animal protection and compensation shall be applied. The European gray wolf (Canis lupus) and brown bear (Ursus arctos) are strictly protected species in Hungary and carry a 250000 HUF fine for damages to them (according to Ministry of Environment regulation 13/2001.(V.9.).

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