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Hubert Kessler Memorial House

Hubert Kessler Memorial House

The Hubert Kessler Memorial House is located in Jósvafő beside the Baradla Cave entrance and the Tengerszem Hotel. Dr. Hubert Kessler  (1907 – 1994) was the most famous Hungarian karst and cave researcher, and perhaps the most successful.


Kessler wrote his Ph.D. geology-geography-paleontology dissertation, "The Hydrology of the Aggtelek Cave System," at Budapest Technical University with which he earned a general engineering diploma. He was the director of the Baradla Cave from 1935-1945, and later, the director of the Speleological Institute where he focused his efforts on cave protection. A monograph about Hubert Kessler’s life and work may be purchased at the gift shop.   

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