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Bike Rental

Bike Rental

There are several marked and designated bike trails in and around Aggtelek National Park. Bike rentals are available from the Park at the Salamander House in Szögliget. We currently have 19 adult mountain bikes and 3 child (for 10+ years old) bikes in stock. In addition, bicycle helmets and reflective vests of all sizes, as well as child seats are available.
Spare parts can be supplied for longer bike tours.
Rent a bike for short or long tours through this unique and beautiful landscape, or just for car-free shopping during your stay!
Open daily 08:00-20:00
April 6 - October 11
Reservations: Tel: +36-30-63-11-520

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The circle-route departs and ends from the Salamander House in Szögliget.

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