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Kelemér and its Environs, Peat Bogs




There is a fine example of a renovated, 2-storey peasant house in its original condition – the only one in the region. The Peat-Bog House has a permanent exhibition on the history, geography and ethnography of the nearby peat-bogs (tőzegmohás lápok). Graphic artist István Faggyas also has space in this building. A memorial house dedicated to the memory of poet Mihály Tompa is located beside the Calvinist Church in the former rectory building.
Peat-Bog House: Kelemér, Tompa Mihály u. 129.
In order to see the house, please contact:
Mr. János Szilágyi: +36-30-631-1722
Mihály Tompa Memorial House, Calvinist Church and collection of Gömör grave markers:
In order to see these culturally important sites, please check-in at the rectory building beside the church.
Advanced Booking and Information: +36-48-434-143
Open Hours: 8.00–18.00


Permanent Programmes, Tours



Guided Tours: Kelemér Tour
Self-Guided Tours: Peat-Bog Lake, Kisasszonyfa, Peat-Bog Manor (blue blaze)
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