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Brown Bear Visits Aggtelek National Park Again


A bear has once again been observed in Aggtelek National Park. On March 31, 2018, a young bear was observed in the afternoon by hikers near Jósvafő. The bear was first noticed by the hikers’ barking dog. A video was also made of the chance meeting.

The event was reported to the Park Ranger Service. The video and photos were also turned over in which a young bear can clearly be identified. The unusual encounter was unproblematic.

Bear tracks were last discovered within Aggtelek National Park in September, 2017 from which a mother and young bear were identified. Since then, severel eyewitness accounts have come in, but Park Rangers have been unable to locate the pair.

It cannot be excluded that the newly observed young bear is the same as last year's and that the mother was nearby but out of sight. Park Rangers spent the weekend trying to determine if the young bear was alone or with its mother.

However, just because there is a bear in town, this does not mean you need to postpone your visit to Aggtelek National Park. Encounters with bears are extremely rare. But in any case, you should keep the following rules in mind:


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