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Discover the Mysterious World of Bats!


Dr. Sándor András Boldogh is a biologist and zoologist at Aggtelek National Park. He recently appeared on the TV series Mindenki Akadémiája to speak about one of his favourite subjects, bats.

You can watch his lecture here (in Hungarian).

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MagtArt Arts Granary News

Two former Eszterházy estate granary buildings, one in Slovakia and one in Hungary, were renovated at a cost of 2 million Euro (2.6 million USD) by the Hungarian Aggtelek National Park and the Slovakian ALMA-Centre for the Restoration and Protection of Folk Architecture and Traditions


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Everyone is welcome to the opening of award winning photographer Zita Márta Demény’s exhibition at the MagtArt Gallery in Bódvaszilas.