• H-3758 Jósvafő, Tengerszem oldal 1.
  • +36 48-503-000
  • info.anp[at]t-online[dot]hu

Fürkész (Ichneumon Wasp) Nature Trail

Fürkész (Ichneumon Wasp) Nature Trail

Starting point: Jósvafő
Follow the orange blaze
Distance: 3 km
Duration: approximately 2.5 hours
The nature trail stations are marked with the logo of a cartoon wasp. The wasp brings your attention to certain outstanding natural features along the trail, or assigns fun environmental education tasks along the way. Tasks include paying attention to the multifaceted natural environment, monitoring of animals and their behaviour, and taking a closer look at the unique karst plant world. While mainly geared towards kindergarten and school groups, anyone can embark on this self-guided tour.
Download the free Wasp Nature Trail Guide (pdf) here:
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