• H-3758 Jósvafő, Tengerszem oldal 1.
  • +36 48-503-000
  • info.anp[at]t-online[dot]hu

Esztramos Ore and Mineral Mine Tour

Esztramos Ore and Mineral Mine

In addition to the Bódvarákó settlement, Esztramos was also once the site of extensive mining operations.  Due to the mines, this area used to be closed to visitors. One of the most beautiful landscapes of the area opens up over the Bódva Valley from the top of this 300 meter (984 foot) hill.

Guests may only visit the site in the escort of either an Aggtelek National Park tour guide or ranger.

Tickets to visit the former mining territory cost 400 HUF/person. However, if you have already purchased a tour of the Rákóczi Cave on the day, this gains you access to the rest of the site for free (with escort).
Tickets and Information:
Tel: (+36)-48-350-011
Email: aggtelek@tourinform.hu
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