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Temporary Restrictions on Forest Visits


Dear Visitors:

Due to the deer rutting season and the associated hunting activities, please be advised for your own safety to not walk in the following forest areas during the specified times:

Aggtelek karst region                         September 1-October 7, 2018                16:00-09:00

Hegyalja                                            September 10-October 1, 2018              15:00-09:00

Hegyközi                                           September 10-September 30, 2018        16:00-09:00

Telkibánya                                          September 10-October 1, 2018             16:00-09:00

Makkoshortyka                                   September 15-October 5, 2018             16:00-09:00

Bükk Hills, southern area                     September 5-October 2, 2018               15:00-09:00

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