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XXX. Bódva Valley Bird Migration Research and Conservation Camp


Date: Aug 14-Oct 27, 2015
Venue: Aggtelek National Park, Szalonna: Köszvényes Well

The camp takes place every year from mid-August until the end of October. Those who may have missed it in previous years can now make up the opportunity!

The basic objective of the camp is to monitor the developments in migrating bird populations from both the conservation and scientific perspectives. We are looking for volunteers to work alongside the professionals at the camp to assist with catching, examining and ringing the birds.

Previous technical expertise is not required - all applicants will receive adequate training on the spot. Students, adults, and entire families may apply. Both groups and individual candidates are welcome. Besides the bird ringing routine there is ample opportunity to attend national park excursions, tours and lectures, as well as a number of local programmes and sightseeing.

Directions: The camp is located between the villages of Szalonna and Perkupa on the bank of the Bódva River. The approach from Perkupa is much easier. Both villages are accessible by train and bus. Accepted candidates will receive a detailed map that makes it easy to find the camp. The dirt track leading to the camp from Perkupa is rather poor quality, so a car is not a realistic option.

Programme: The basic programme includes bird ringing and bird watching, as well as determining bird species, ornithology and conservation tuition, botanical and zoological lectures, and wildlife and bird-watching through binoculars. There are also many possibilities to join national park tours and programmes. Once there are enough people in camp, those interested in nature conservation work may form small groups to work on bat and barn owl habitat maintenance or invasive plant species eradication.

Meals and Accommodation: Camp conditions are fairly basic, like those for  "field biologists in  training.” Accommodation is in 3-4 person tents and a minimum of 3 daily meals are provided (kettle over an open fire, cooking over a campfire). Washing may be done either at a nearby karst spring or in the Bódva River. The participation fee is 500 HUF/person/day including meals. The fee only applies in August, after which the camp is free!

Required Equipment: Everyone should bring a sleeping bag, flashlight and their own cutlery. There are tents, but if you also have one, bring it along just in case. Please be aware that the August days tend to be well above 30 C, August nights may dip to around 5-10. In late October the temperatures drop below freezing. Therefore, please pack appropriate clothing for both the climate and work (that will not be damaged from tears from bushes, bird droppings...). There are a number of spare blankets available in camp if needed. Participants should also bring a sleeping mat, raincoat, boots/rubber boots, binoculars and a camera. Musical instruments are welcome for the evenings by the campfire.


  1. There are no minimum or maximum time limits at the camp. Participants may come for any period of time.
  2. Individuals are welcome, but those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. It is in your own interest to contact the camp organisers at least a week prior to your arrival so that you can receive the latest information, timetables, maps, etc. in time.
  4. Dogs are not allowed in camp!
  5. No preliminary nature conservation or ornithological knowledge is required to participate!

Information and Registration: Roland Farkas Aggtelek National Park Directorate, Tengerszem oldal 1, 3758 Jósvafő Tel: (48) 506-000, (30) 63-75-149; e-mail: farkasro@yahoo.com

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