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Barlang Guest House


Barlang Guest House

Open from spring until autumn, self-sufficient guest house

3759 Aggtelek, Kossuth u. 57/B.
+36 70 619-25-84



István Komló
3759 Aggtelek, Kossuth u. 57/B.
+36 70 619-25-84, +36 48 800-399


Jelmagyarázathoz mozgassa az egeret az ikonok fölé!

Rooms and Prices

2-bed room (1 room)

Adults 2700 Ft/person/night + 300 Ft tourist tax

Children 2500 Ft/person/night (3-18 years old)

(Children under 3 stay for free)

3-bed room (2 rooms)
4-bed room (2 rooms)

Facilities: central heating, shower

Other Facilities, Discounts:

  • parking in the yard

  • appropriate place for grilling and setting up a cauldron







The Barlang Guest House the guesthouse closest in the village to the Baradla Cave entrance. There is parking and a firepit in the yard for grilling. Our guesthouse is comprised of 1 double room, 2 4-bed rooms and 2 triples all with their own refrigerator, TV and Wi-Fi. The kitchen is well equipped, and cooking facilities are provided. Our guesthouse is open from  April 1 until September 30, but groups may book outside of this season.

Below the guest house living quarters, guests will find a grocery stocked with fresh baked goods, dairy products and luncheon meats.












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