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Archives in 2017 May
  • At the Boundaries of Aggtelek Events

    An early summer tour introduces traditional land use methods int he Aggtelek Karst, including: narrow strip plots and traditional species of field crops such as wheat, barley and rye that are rare today (and sometimes protected), as well as flowering weeds such as cornflower, cockle and larkspur.

  • Invitation News

    Presentation and film about the world of bats and Aggtelek National Park's new bat protection project.

  • Álláspályázat Pályázatok

    Az Aggteleki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság
    a „közszolgálati tisztviselőkről szóló” 2011. évi CXCIX. törvény alapján
    pályázatot hirdet
    beosztás ellátására.

  • National Park Certified Product Route Stop in Jósvaf News

    In the interest of promoting and marketing the products in the National Park Certified Product System, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Sándor Fazekas will visit all 10 Hungarian national parks in 2017-2018. The second stop on this route was Aggtelek National Park on May 23.

  • Mayfly Hatching in the Zemplén Nature Reserve Túra

    Every year at the beginning of June a magical event happens along the Tisza and Bodrog Rivers – Europe’s largest mayflies (Palingenia longicauda) hatch and swarm. This spectacular event marks their extremely short 1-2 day lives!

  • Wandering Over the Roof of the Baradla Cave Events

    When did the Devil plough around Aggtelek? Why haven’t the waters of Aggtelek Lake been drained by the cave? These and similar questions will be answered during this guided tour.

  • XIX. Bike Tour Aggtelek-Szilvásvárad Events

    In celebration of the European Day of Parks, the Bükk and Aggtelek National Park Directorates annually organise a joint cycling tour between the two parks. This year, in order to celebrate Bükk National Park’s 40th Birthday, the 75 km route departs from Aggtelek and ends in Szilvásvárad. Cyclists will pass through twelve villages. There are plentiful natural and cultural history sights along the way.