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Archives in 2017 February
  • Press Release Pályázatok

    Aggtelek National Park recently won a tender from the European Regional Development Fund and the Hungarian Government...

  • Tour of the Romantic Telekes Valley Events

    Appreciate with us the first harbingers of spring. In some places one can see carpets of snow drops and scilla or squills during a guided hike through the romantic Telekes Valley, The route follows the narrow valley carved by the Telekes Stream, ending at Devil’s Dam.

  • March: Month of Cave Tourism Barlang

    20% off standard adult tickets for the Baradla Cave Aggtelek Short Tour, Jósvafő Short Tour and Vörös-tó Intermediate Tour through the entire month of March.
    50% off standard adult tickets for the the Rákóczi and Imre Vass Cave tours during the week of March 27-31

  • Varázslatos Magyarország News

    2017-től a Magyarország Nemzeti Parkjaiért Alapítvány is fogadhat adó 1%-os támogatásokat. Minden bejövő támogatást a nemzeti parkok népszerűsítésére, valamint támogatására fordítanak.