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Tűzgyújtási tilalom article

A földművelésügyi miniszter 2015. július 3-tól kezdődően átmeneti időre általános tűzgyújtási tilalmat rendelt el!


St. Martin Concert article

Unique musical event in the Baradla Cave's Concert Hall with saxophonist St. Martin


July programs article

- July is Baradla Cave Month at Aggtelek National Park
- Galyaság Tour among the Foothills of the Aggtelek Karst, Aggtelek National Park
- Slovak Karst – Aggtelek Karst Bicycle Tour


Az év vadvirága(i) - 2015 article

This page is not yet available in English. For information, please contact treehuggerdan.anpi@gmail.com


Insect of the Year 2015: Firefly bug article

UNESCO, drawing attention to the importance of the role of light in our lives, has chosen the 2015 Year of the Light. It is only appropriate then that the large firefly has been chosen as 2015’s Insect of the Year.


Mammal of the Year 2015: The Ground Squirrel article

Ground squirrels are strictly protected in Hungary, and carry a 250000 Huf fine for killing one. The mammals breed only onc a year. Unlike other mammals that hibernate from the end of summer through the very end of winter, the male squirrels awake early and prepare their territory for their longer sleeping mates.


Update on Iwo the Bear article

Iwo is part of this international research study (GLOBE). He was captured and collared in the Polish Tatras by our team a year ago, on April 19th. At that time he weighed 81 kg. He was equipped with a GPS-GSM collar with takes his positions every 2 hours or 30 min, depending on the schedule.


Brown Bear Crosses into ANP article

On May 3, 2015 a brown bear named Iwo, originally from Poland crossed into Aggtelek National Park yesterday via Slovakia and was last seen in the vicinity of Rudabánya.