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A Baradla-barlang titokzatos asszonya article

Szponzorációs felhívás egy régészeti nyomozáshoz!
Napjainkban újabb és újabb meglepetések derülnek ki olyan régóta ismert és kutatott régészeti lelőhelyekről, amelyről már mindenki úgy gondolta, hogy mindent tudunk történetükről. (Lásd : Stonhenge, Királyok völgye /Egyiptom / , Teotihuacan /Mexikó/ ).
Kicsit hasonló a helyzet a Világörökség részét képező Baradla-barlang régészeti ismeretivel is.


Mikulástúra a Baradla-barlangban article

November 25.-december 6. között ismét ellátogat hozzánk a Mikulás, és szeretettel várja a kicsiket és a nagyokat, a jókat és a mégjobbakat! Gyere el hozzánk te is, és mondj egy verset a Télapónak!


November programmes article

St. Martin Playhouse at the Zemplén Nature Reserve
Meet Mikulás (Santa) in the Baradla Cave


If John Tyndall had become a spelunker... article

John Tyndall (1820 - 1893) was a British physicist. He was the author of 16 books and 145 articles. Tyndall was a very prominent scientist of the age, and a professor of natural philosophy at the Royal Institution in London (Royal Institute). Why is he important to us? He discovered and explained an everyday phenomenon which at the time was an unknown concept. Fortunately....


Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 article

This year marks the 23rd time the country’s and the region’s most prestigious nature photography competition has been held. Each year, a Canon Nature Photo of the Year, and Wildlife Photographer of the Year are named.


OMÉK 2015 article

National Agriculture and Food Exhibition 2015 The 77th National Agricultural and Food Exhibition (OMÉK), one of the oldest agri-business events in Hungary, was held again in Budapest this year on September 23-27.


Aggtelek National Park Conference Celebrating 30 Years - Report article

On 22 September, the Aggtelek National Park Directorate together with the Slovak State Nature Protection organised an international scientific conference on the Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst Research and Conservation Programme.


Dawn Procession article

One of our colleagues recently caught a rare sight on film. Many people walking through the woods have probably seen a wild boar, but few have seen an adult leading a procession of piglets.


Zselyke, the Wolf Girl article

One of our colleagues recently captured a rare sight in a camera trap – a young female wolf showed herself for a few seconds...


Discounted Cave Tour and Palace Visit article

When Jean-François L'Huillier, a colonel from Elszáz-Lotharingia, France began to build the palace three centuries ago, he could not have suspected that his ambitious venture would still be having a profound impact on the life of the town 300 years later. Following intensive renovation in 2014, the palace as re-opened to the general public as the Edelény Castle Island. The region’s most important baroque palace is open every day except Mondays.


KLIPPirozó ürgeversek article

This page is not yet available in English. For information, please contact treehuggerdan.anpi@gmail.com


Insect of the Year 2015: Firefly bug article

UNESCO, drawing attention to the importance of the role of light in our lives, has chosen the 2015 Year of the Light. It is only appropriate then that the large firefly has been chosen as 2015’s Insect of the Year.


XXX. Bódva Valley Bird Migration Research and Conservation Camp article

The basic objective of the camp is to monitor the developments in migrating bird populations from both the conservation and scientific perspectives. We are looking for volunteers to work alongside the professionals at the camp to assist with catching, examining and ringing the birds.