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July is Cave Month at Aggtelek National Park News

20% off adult tickets on all daily Baradla Cave tours. The Baradla Cave Long Tour and Radish Branch Tours are included, but advanced booking necessary for these.


Álláspályázat - Túravezető, tárlatvezető Pályázatok

Az Aggteleki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság álláspályázatot hirdet túravezető és tárlatvezető munkakörökbe, KÖZMUNKAPROGRAM keretein belül történő foglalkoztatással.


July Programmes Events

The temperature in our caves is always 10°C and the UV radiation is 0. For those interested in surface tours and programmes, there is the Karst Wanderer, Family Day, Nature's Pharmacy, Green Border Tour and a Slovak-Aggtelek Karst Bike Tour to choose from.


Treasure Hunt Game Trail Events

We invite families and groups of children to discover the beauty of nature awakening in spring through the playful development of interesting skills.


Dragon Picnic in Bódvalenke, the Fresco Village In the area

Back by popular demand, revel once again at the Dragon Picnic in Bódvalenke, one of the summer’s most colourful and cheerful one-day festivals. Picnic dragons are in the pipeline.


The Bat: Mammal of the Year 2016 Species of month

This year’s mammal of the year award does not go to a single species, but to the entire family of bats. Myths have abounded for centuries about these small mammals – here is some more truthful information about these important creatures.


St. Martin Concert in the Baradla Cave, Aggtelek Events

Saxophone and pan flute music performed by St. Martin accompanied by his own band, the Szolnok Symphony Orchestra, Szolnok Symphonic Trombone Band, and several other guests.


Best of the Best News

The Pannon Seed Bank LIFE+ Programme received the Best of the Best award from the European Commission at the end of May, 2016. The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture supported Pannon Seed Bank was one of six Life+ financed projects to receive the award.


II. National Entomologists Meeting (OLT) News

The second annual National Entomologists Meetings will be hosted at Aggtelek National Park. The main purpose of the event is to provide a common forum for those dealing with butterflies in Hungary and to provide an opportunity to exchange experiences and build relationships.


Aggtelek National Park Official Products News

The primary purpose of awarding "official product" trademarks to local producers and businesses within the national parks system is to improving the image of these products and facilities while raising environmental awareness; as well as strengthening regional nature conservation, rural development and economic co-operation. Moreover, the system aims to expand business opportunities and increase market access.